TKGA Master’s Program

I had stumbled upon The Knitting Guild Association’s Master’s Program. I looked over the requirements and on a whim I decided to at least go for Level I. I signed up and received my packet of instructions at the end of August. I experimented a bit with a couple of different yarns and needle sizes and decided upon a worsted weight synthetic yarn and size 8 needles even though the recommended yarn is wool. We travelled to Vermont this weekend and I knit “swatches” all the way home. I consider myself a good knitter but it is amazing how many times I ripped out the swatches in the search for the perfect swatch. After 16 hours of knitting, I only have a couple of swatches and a hat left to knit. I still have all the written work to do and I don’t know what I will do for a bibliography since most of the stitches are ones I know and have done for years. I am concerned about blocking the swatches as I never block and it is a foreign concept to me. Unless I am knitting a fisherman knit, I don’t block so I need to research this concept. I’ll publish pictures of the swatches after I get them “blocked” My goal is to have the project done, wrapped and sent off before Holloween.


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