Social Security – a Myth?

I started trying to sign up for Part A of Social Security last spring and was told that I was too early. They finally let me sign up for Part A in September as I was turning 65 in Oct and told me that it would take effect Oct 1. I waited until the middle of Oct to make the decision as to what to do about Part B. My companies insurance will not carry me and since we are under 20 people, it is there decision so I called Social Security to sign up for Part B. They sent me the information and I filled it out and sent it back. I then decided on an Advantage Plan. Part B and the Advantage Plan were supposed to start on Nov 1 as that is when my company insurance ran out. To date I have not recieved any card except one from social security saying that I have Part A. Since Part A is required by the government and if I had not signed up for that one I would get fined, I quess that is the more important one to have. In the meantime, I call the Advantage agent and she say that I can not get the insurance as I have not signed up for Part B. I called social security and they had not gotten my form or if they had it had not been entered into the system. The agent I talked to left a new form at the front desk and I went in and signed it. I think that I am OK. I actually get an intake call from the Advantage insurance company and I expect all is well. Wrong – I get a letter from them requesting that I submit a copy of my Medicare card for proof that I have Part B. I have no such proof, so I call social security today and the woman tells me that first I should be “serviced” from a diffent office and yes she can get me a letter but the insurance company won’t understand it and no she can’t just leave it at the front desk for me as there are too many people out there and I should not be served from their office anyway. She will mail it but can’t promise that it will go out today. I am now half way through the month and still have no real insurance. The really bad part of this is according to the insurance agent, I can not get any medical coverage unless I am signed up for Part B. No wonder our medicare/social security system is so messed up!


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