Master Level I

I got my Master Knitting Level I submission back yesterday. The results were mediocre at best. I think that I have spent too many years doing my own thing and certainly did not pay enough attention to doing things according to written instructions. I have always been a visual learner – if I can see it, I can usually copy it but in this case the instructions were written and I sort of felt that if I looked at pictures of another person’s submission I was cheating. From the comments, I should have done just that. I also apparently did not research enough and when I did cite resources apparently I did not use the favored knitting guru enough. It all reminds me of my college freshman English Lit course where the only correct answer was a rewording of the opinion of the professor only in this case, it is the words of the “guru”. It will be a challenge to see if I can meld the old style knitting with the new age theories or will my age get the best of me?


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