Knitting – Sweaters

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I have the fall catching up on my knitting. I did the little girl’s sweater (prior post) and then 4 baby sweaters and 2 vests for the boys. The baby sweater were from the same zip up the back pattern that I have used for years. It knits up quickly – and apparently the hood stays on well. The vests for the boys were fun. I just took a basic stockinette stitch added a double cable up the front and split it at the vee. It was not difficult but came out cute.


3 responses to “Knitting – Sweaters

  1. Are you willing to share the pattern for the zip up the back sweater? I had it 18 years go and can’t find it!!! The pattern I found on the web had a hood that I didn’t like and I would love to make the sweater for a friend who is about to have a baby. She can’t find the sweaters she had for her older son and have even search craft fairs….it can’t seem to be found.

    (By the way, your knitting looks lovely.)

  2. Love to, send me your email – don’t even know where I got the pattern originally it is so old!

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