Whistle and Wait for Katie

After business you will find me,
Ev’ry night as sure as fate,
At the corner of the street here,
Waiting for my bonnie Kate,
Her papa was quite forbidden
Young men to the house to go,
In consequence of which I whistle,
Just to let my true love know.

I am waiting here to greet
Blue-eyed Kate with kisses sweet;
Every night at the end of the street,
I whistle and wait for Katie, Katie.

You may think it awkward standing
In a busy street like this;
But I’m sure you would not mind it,
Could you meet so sweet a miss,
Of course I wait till all is silent
See there’s no one passing by,
Before I venture on the whistle
Known alone to “Kate and I.”

How her father means to take it,
When he hears the news forsooth,
I wonder what he’ll say to Katie,
When he learns it is the truth.
I’ve at least the consolation
That my heart is just and right,
So therefore I shall fondly whistle
For my Katie ev’ry night.


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