Knitted Shawl

On the stretcher

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I have been looking for a knitting challenge for quite some time. I have done matching little girl and doll sweaters, sweaters for friends and family, baby sweaters, etc for many many years. I really needed something new to do. I ordered a couple of books on knitted lace, found some alpaca fingerling and I dove into a new experience. I really enjoyed the small needles (sz 3) and the alpaca yarn and was truly challenged by the border base row. With almost 800 stitches on the circular needle, I had a hard time getting that first row correct. It took four tries and a little creativeness but I finally got it. The next hurdle was to block the finished product. I used a curtain stretcher and started the pinning from the adjustable side instead of the stationary side. Once I discovered my mistake, I decided to “string” the end instead of starting the pinning process over. It worked and I really like the finished product.


3 responses to “Knitted Shawl

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  2. northernnarratives

    Hello from Minnesota. I just discovered your lovely blog. What a beautiful shawl 🙂 Judy

    • Thank you, it really was a fun project and not nearly as difficult as it looks. My daughter used to live in Minneapolis and my niece lives there now. There are some great yarn stores up your way!

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