The Old Apple Tree

My Dad used to sing this one to me

There’s an old Apple Tree in the Orchard
Lives in my memory
Reminds my of my Pappy
Who was handsome young and happy
When he planted the old apple tree

One night Pappy took Widder Norton
Out on a jamboree
When he brought her home at sun-up
Brother Norton got his gun-up
And he chased Pappy up in the tree

When the neighbors came after my Pappy
Up in the tree was he.
So they took a rope and then they strung him.
By the neck and then they hung him,
From a branch of the old apple tree.

Now my poor Pappy lies in the orchard
Out of his misery
They put the apples in a basket
Cut the tree down for a casket
Now my poor Pappy’s gone with the tree.

Chorus: Sung between each verse.

Say goodbye, Say goodbye. Say goodbye to the old apple tree
If my Pappy hadda knowed it
He’d be sorry that he growed it
‘Cause he died on the old apple tree.


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