Political Rant

Our government just doesn’t get it. It is time to stop spending. I suggest the following: Cut congress’s salaries and pension to token amounts. Ban Lobbyists, stop fighting the war on drugs, legalize them and tax them the way we tax alcohol and tobacco, tax the profits on large US Corporations that make and sell their goods in other countries and pay no taxes on those profits now, get out of the UN and stop being their law enforcement, stop subsidizing farms especially those not owned by Americans, stop subsidizing airports and trains let private industry take care of itself, stop giving citizenship to babies born in the US unless their parents are citizens, stop all US funded building in foreign countries, stop all foreign aid – let food and medicine be provided by the private sector if they wish. We need to get our house in order, we need to take care of our own and we need to get out of debt. Tighten the government belt, NOW, before it is too late.


One response to “Political Rant

  1. william wallace

    Your right of course a serious situation.The problem politics
    has become a game of media spin. It all based on one does
    not closely examine the books. Thus expose / true situation.

    Republicans in govt were so corrupt in making profit for their
    friends that they removed banking regulations / which placed
    to prevent banking fraud. With banking regulations removed
    banks were vulnerable to levels of fraud previously unknown
    result a bank crisis / followed by a western banking colllapse.

    $Billions lost / millions made unemployed / homes life savings
    gone. If such being not enough to contend with / while in govt
    republicans declared a christian holy crusade against muslims
    the result hundreds of thousands killed /untold suffering death.

    In coming to govt BARACK / HILLARY as all democrats / facing
    an awesome task in getting the train back on track / its indeed
    a dire situation. There a dire situation where the medi spin out propaganda blaming others ( as of late there be an media spin
    that the worlds financial problems were caused by CHINA which
    of course utter nonsense or / blaming muslims as other nations.

    Politicians need to face reality of the situation / not blame others
    it’s for the nation as one getting out of the pit which now trapped
    ending the constant 24 / 7 media brainwashing / and learn live in
    a world of reality of truth / not that of an self created twilight zone
    where its but a continious media political spin / dividing humanity.

    In reality nations are not divided / we are one family /whom upon
    a journey of self discovery / in learning / knowing of our creation
    in understanding life it’s true purpose In each individual learning
    in understanding / bringing a unfolding of the spiritual self / one
    not lost in ideas / not lost in beliefs/ but one knowing the creator.

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