Master Knitting Level2

I started Level 2 about six months ago and have done very little knitting on anything else since then. I put the packet in the mail this morning and am celebrating today by starting a shawl. The program is very time consuming and I had to make myself work on it the last couple of months. Perhaps I should have taken some time off but I was afraid that if I did I would never get back to it. There are three projects to complete as well as the swatches, questions, book reports and a paper on the History of Knitting. The paper would not have been bad if the topic had not been so broad. My middle school English teacher would have been appalled! The projects were not difficult to knit and I finished them easily enough only to find when I looked them some very basic mistakes, for instance 14 rows of ribbing on the vest back and 12 rows on the front. Oops! The blue vest was the first one. Not only had I made a mistake in the ribbing, I did not like the way the pocket pulled. The yarn in the pink vest was difficult to work with, but the pocket worked better. I would widen the pocket a little more at the bottom and with a different yarn, I think it would be really nice. It has been a challenge but in my new found retirement perhaps challenges are welcome.


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