In The Shadow of The Pines

Words by Hattie Lummis. – Music by G.O. Lang

We wandered in the shadow of the pines, my love and I,

As the wind was blowing freshly from the sea;

But a sudden fitful darkness stole across the Summer sky,

And a shadow came between my love and me,

Some hasty words were spoken, and then almost unawares,

Hasty answers to unthinking anger led,

And our heartsick, bitter longing, and our weeping and our prayers

Ne’er can make those false and cruel words unsaid.


Come back to me, sweetheart, and love me as before.

Come back, back to me, sweetheart, and leave me nevermore.

In life’s dull pathway, the sun no longer shines;

Come, love, and meet me, in the shadow of the pines.

You took the ring I gave you, nor cast a glance at me,

As you held the jeweled trinket in your hand,

And then you turned and tossed it in the waters of the sea,

Where the waves were splashing idly on the sand.

You went your way unheeding the tears I could not hide,

You went your way and not a word was said,

But my stubborn heart was breaking, underneath its mask of pride,

And the pine trees sobbed in pity overhead.

I wake from bitter dreaming but to call aloud your name,

I sleep again to dream of you once more,

And my stubborn pride has left me, I admit I was to blame;

Forgive me, dear, and love me as before;

for the future is o’er-shadowed with the darkness of despair,

In the sky of life’s love sun no longer shies,

And I’d give the whole world gladly, once again to meet you there,

Reunited in the shadow of the pines.


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