He Never Cares To Wander From His Own Fireside

By Felix McGlennon

Various men have various natures,
Some prefer to cross the wave;
O’er the world they like to travel.
For fresh scenes they seem to crave,
To their birthplace some cling fondly,
And their hearts are in one spot,
See the man whose home is Eden,
Happy in his humble cot.

There’s a wife to fondly greet him,
With the love light in her eyes,
There’re the children ’round their daddy,
Home to him is Paradise,
Baby’s arms are ’round him clinging,
Baby’s lips to his are pressed,
All is peace and love and comfort,
In his home he finds sweet rest.

Chorus –
He never cares to wander from his own fireside,
He never cares to ramble or to roam,
With his children on his knee,
He’s as happy as can be,
For there’s no place like home, sweet home.


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