The Iceberg

I drift, I glide, I take mine ease!
Sing to me, sing, ye serving seas!
Hath puny man subdued your might?
Swing me, and sing, while dies the light!

Sired in the womb of the North’s old age,
Torn from the breast by the storm king’s rage,
Son of a realm forgot come I –
Was that spray, or tears from on high?

O, I have heard of man’s warm world –
Dreamed, while the storm king fury hurled,
Of mating,mothering, home’s sweet joy,
Of the kingdom of minds and the soul’s employ.

Dear to the love that reigns are these;
Sing to me, sing, ye whining seas!
But pride of life and lust of the eye
The laws of the life the world defy.

Better that some should die than all!
Methinks I heard man’s siren call!
Better is grieving love than hate!
Wraith of a realm forgot, I wait.

Watch me, stars, through the timely dark;
Wind, hover near, breathe low – and hark;
Wrap me, mist, when I seem to sleep;
Then, swing me, and sing, ye waves of the deep!

What! Shall pigmy man defy
Land and sea, yea, air – and sky?
Shall be no more in sacred awe
Hold God, nor faith, nor love, nor law?

Loud through the dark again he bellow’s!
Speeds he, warning away his fellows?
I come from a realm where love is not
To warn love’s world lest law be forgot.

I drift, I glide, I take mine ease!
Ha; ‘Neath the flood I draw my knees;
‘Tis well! – Why smite – so weak a thing?
Swing me, ye moaning seas, and sing!

A gleaming palace afloat; – ah me!
“Titanic” – Enough that I stretch one knee!
God grieves, I know, and a world will weep –
Ho! hushed is the song of the quailing deep.

The dark is gone, The vast seas shine,
I drift in the gleam of a world divine,
What ails me? Why should the day’s bright grace
Start streams like fears on my furrowed face?

Son, as I took mine ease last night,
I saw in the dark a wondrous sight,
Poor man – he did but touch my knee,
Then – O, what a noble thing is he!

“Be British, my men!” I heard one call,
In the glare I saw their faces all –
The strongest helping the young, the weak –
The rich forgetting self-weal to seek.

Love leaned on love while the ocean roared! –
I heard – it was there in the light on board –
Sweet music rise that seemed to me
Rhythmic with “Nearer, My God, to Thee”;

A mystic clicking sped through the dark,
“What is that?” I said, as I strove to hark,
“A wonderful thing is man!” quoth I,
“He calls to the world and the God on high!”

At dawn I saw that men had heard –
A ship had come like a winging bird.
I would that I knew what men will do
In the days that soon shall be lit by you.

I would that I, too, O son, might see
How deeper than man’s shall God’s help be!
For, deeper than human pity is,
Flow the mercies that evermore are His.

But, No! my face is streaming brine;
to see loves’ world shall ne’er be mine!
I drift, I vanish, Ill at ease,
A dying wraith in earth’s warm seas.


One response to “The Iceberg

  1. Beautiful poem! How long did it take you to come up with that?

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