The Cat Came Back

Dar was old Mister Johnson, he had trouble of his own,
He had a funny yellar cat, that wouldn’t leave its home.
He tried most eb’ry thing he knew, to keep the cat away;
Eben sent it to de preacher, an’ he tole it for to stay.

But the cat came back, couldn’t stay no longer,
Yes, the cat came back, the very next day,
The cat came back, thought he was a goner,
But the cat came back for it wouldn’t stay away.

Now dat cat had some company one night over in the yard
And some one frowed a bootjack an day frowed it mighty hard,
It caught de cat behind de ear, she thought it rather slight,
When along dar came a brick-bat an’ it knocked her out oh sight.

On a telegraph wire, sparrows sitting in a bunch,
Cat a-feeling hungry, thought she’d like ’em for a lunch,
Climbing softly up de pole, and when she reached de top,
Put her foot up on de ‘lectric wire, which tied her in a knot.

One time did gib de cat away to a man in a balloon,
And tole him for to gib it to de man in de moon,
But do b’loon it busted sho’ an’ eb’rybody saw
It were seben miles away or more, dey picked de man up dead.

De cat was a possessor ob a fam’ly of it own
Wid seben kittens till dar comes a cyclone,
Blow’d the youse all apart and tossed de cat around,
While the air was full ob kittens, not a one was eber found.

De wat was a terror and dey said it wer d’best
To gib it to a nigger who was going our West,
De train going ’round de curve struck a broken rail,
Not a blessed soul aboard do train was left to tell de tale.

A man down on de corner swore to kill de cat at sight,
Loaded up a musket full or nails and dynamite,
Waited in the garden for de cat to come around,
Half a dozen little pieces of de man was all dey found.

While the cat lay asleeping an’ a resting one day,
Round came an organ grinder and he began to play,
De cat look’d around awhile and kinder raised her head,
When he played to tr-rah-rah-boom-de-ay, an’ de cat dropped dead.

Sent in by F. W. Wakefield, Mass


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